Sewage Ejector Installation and Repair

Sewage ejector pumps are used when a home’s main sewer line is below the level of the city sewer. This means that gravity alone cannot help your sewage flow from your home into the municipal line—you need a sewage ejector!

In addition to moving waste rapidly from your home, ejector pumps do some waste processing as well. This helps ensure your waste keeps flowing and doesn’t introduce unprocessed waste into the city’s system. However, this also means that you have to pay special attention to what you flush down the toilet, to ensure it doesn’t cause problems for your pump.

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Installing a Sewage Ejector Pump

Ejector pumps are most often used in finished basements, where the main sewer line runs through the ceiling. To install the pump, a technician must dig a hole for the pump basin, run pipes and electricity to the pump, and then run piping from the pump to the home’s main sewer line. Although this process is involved, it is often necessary. If properly maintained, ejector pumps can last for many years.

Problems with Sewage Ejector Pumps

Any plumber will tell you that the most common problem with sewage ejector pumps is jamming due to foreign objects. Since the pump also chops up the waste, it is vulnerable to damage from things that shouldn’t be flushed down a toilet. These include paper towels, q-tips, and dental floss, but also “flushable” wipes, which the Washington Post reported are not so flushable.

When the ejector pump’s blade can’t work through a piece of debris, it can jam and stop functioning. This can lead to a backup of waste, which in turn could cause the pump basin to overflow. And you can imagine how an overflowing sewage basin might have a negative impact on your finished basement’s ambience.

Sewage Ejector Pump Maintenance

It’s important to have a professional regularly inspect and service your sewage ejector pump. This small annual expense can save you significant money and stress down the line, as it will help prevent a backed-up sewer line or other messy problems. When dealing with sewage, “better safe than sorry” is often the best policy.

Although some problems with sewage ejector systems are obvious to any observer, many require a professional inspection. These small issues can lead to bigger ones if left uncorrected, so it’s important to have a licensed plumber take a look.

Ejector Pumps in DC, MD, VA

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