Why Do Tree Roots Love Your Pipes?

If your toilets and drains are constantly backing up, or you have slow plumbing, it could very well be due to tree roots. If you have a tree on or near your property, its roots could be invading your home’s sewer pipes.

Why Trees Love Your Pipes

There are many reasons why trees roots are attracted to sewer pipes. The number one function of tree roots, in fact their only function, is to find nutrients. Trees will look for nutrients close by that they don’t have to spread too far to find. A lot of the time they find them in your sewer pipes.

Your sewer pipes constantly have water running through them and that water has the nutrients and minerals that trees are looking for.

Once a tree sends its roots looking for water and nutrients, those roots can get through even the tiniest hole or crack in your pipes and set up camp.

Rooter Service for Clogged Sewer Lines

The best way to find out if your drains are blocked or slow due to tree roots is to have a video inspection pipe camera sent down. Once you discover that the roots are the cause, rooter service can help to unclog the pipes. Your local plumber can also suggest or provide you with products that you can put down your toilet to help prevent the growth of these roots.

If you have clogged sewer lines and you’re in need of a rooter service, clogged sewer lines, contact the team at R.V. Carey’s. We provide affordable, high-quality plumbing services across the DC, Maryland and Virginia areas.