The Clog Stops Here: When to Snake Your Main Drain

If your sinks, showers, and tubs are continually clogged or slow-draining, it’s probably time to have your main drain snaked.

Snaking involves using a cable auger to force the clog through the pipe. It’s incredibly effective. Some homeowners elect to have their plumbing snaked once a year.

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When a Clogged Drain Needs Snaking

How can you tell if you need professional drain snake services?

  • Slow draining kitchen sink – If plunging hasn’t cleared your kitchen sink drain, it likely needs an inspection and cleaning. There may also be root growth in your sewer line. Whatever it is, we’ll take care of it!
  • Clogged toilet that plunging won’t clear – If you can’t unclog your toilet in a few tries with the plunger, or if your toilet is clogging up often, you need professional service that may include snaking.
  • Bathtub drain clogged with hair – Drain traps can’t keep every strand of hair from going down the drain. When hair, soap, and other substances build up in your pipes, the clog can be difficult to clear through do-it-yourself means. We can snake and jet your bathtub drain to get it cleared.

Snaking vs Jetting

Snaking is usually the first line of defense in clearing main sewer pipe clogs. In some cases, we will use hydro-jetting.

Hydro-jetting works by sending a jet of high-pressure water through your pipes. While highly effective, it may damage some piping. We will use jetting if we feel it is the best solution to your drain problems.

Other Drain Clearing Services from R.V. Carey’s

In addition to drain snake services, we also provide:

Is it Time to Get Your Drain Snaked?

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