What Makes a Good DC-Area Bathroom Remodel?

Thinking about renovating your bathroom? There are a lot of things to consider before you hire a bathroom remodeling company?. So what makes a good bathroom remodel? The experts at R.V. Carey’s have the answer!

What Makes a Great Home Bathroom?

Your bathroom—especially your master bath—is one of the most important rooms in your home. From showering to getting ready, this space greatly influences how you start each day. So don’t you want to get each day started on the right foot? Well, if your bathroom is older and lacks the amenities of most modern bathrooms, you may be frustrating yourself unnecessarily each day! A good remodel follows a few simple steps to modernize your bathroom while increasing the efficiency of the space. In order to make the most of your DC-area bathroom remodel, be sure to consider these upgrades:

  • Double-vanity sinks. This is one of the most functional upgrades in bathroom remodeling. Do you feel cramped each morning getting ready? Do you and your significant other bicker over sink use? Fortunately, there’s another way! R.V. Carey’s can install a beautiful double-vanity sink. This will give you the necessary counter space while adding a useful second sink that will allow two people to get ready at once. When you switch to a double-vanity sink, you’ll never know how you went so long without one!
  • Updated tile. Is the tiling in your shower and floor outdated? Then it’s time to upgrade! A more modern approach to tile will help make your bathroom appear more spacious and luxurious. Unlike older tile that focused on vibrant colors, modern tiling takes a more subdued, earthy approach and uses texture for increased visual interest. This not only makes your home feel more up-to-date, but it can also increase your home’s value!
  • Waterfall shower heads. Like a double-vanity, this is one of the most commonly requested bathroom fixtures. These showers cascade the water down from directly overhead as opposed to at an angle, like traditional shower heads. This creates a beautiful, modern approach to your shower.

Of course, each bathroom is unique! The experts at R.V. Carey’s can assess your space and help you determine the fixtures and renovations that suit your tastes and lifestyle. Contact us today for bathroom remodeling in Maryland, DC, and Virginia!