Backflow Preventer Services in Gaithersburg, MD

Over the past 15 years, local water authorities have stepped up their efforts, adapting, implementing, and enforcing very stringent plumbing codes to combat the serious issue of backflow in major plumbing systems. In fact, the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) now has a Backflow Code Enforcement division whose sole purpose is to correct all backflow infractions. As a result, local businesses and homeowners are subject to random inspections, citations, and fines. Also, the WSSC now requires that all licensed plumbers who install, test, service, and repair backflow devices carry additional backflow certification and re-certify every three years.

Backflow Preventer Service for Hotel in Gaithersburg

Recently, a large local hotel in Gaithersburg was cited by the WSSC for having numerous backflow violations. The hotel would have had to face stiff fines if these violations weren’t immediately corrected. The hotel contacted R.V. Carey’s to provide backflow preventer services, and our backflow prevention technicians quickly stepped in. On the initial site visit, our technician was presented with the challenge of correcting almost 40 violations!

To make matters worse, all these corrections had to be made while the hotel was open, and with as little disruption to the guests and overall hotel operation as possible. Needless to say, this posed a real logistical challenge. Together with the aid of the hotel management and the WSSC, R.V. Carey’s developed and deployed an action plan to make the needed repairs with very little interruption to the hotel’s operations.  As a result, the project was not only completed within budget, but the hotel was able to remain open for the duration of the project with very little interruptions.

If you need backflow preventer services for your home or building in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC, don’t wait—the WSSC is cracking down, and you don’t want to get hit with a fine! Call R.V. Carey’s today for fast backflow preventer service that sticks to your budget and helps you keep moving with your life.